Let's progress with Pandora!
Our roadmap will be updated on an ongoing basis based on our development priorities. We will constantly monitor industry developments and trends, as well as take into consideration community input upon making changes to our roadmap.


  • Team foundation
  • Market research of DeFi ecosystem
  • DeFi competitor research
  • Prototype and process mapping
  • Marketing collateral
  • Testnet completion
  • Smart contract audit
  • Early-stage strategic partnerships
  • Global marketing campaign (influencers, media, AMAs)
  • Promotional events (airdrops, giveaways)


  • Protocol launch
  • Official social channels
  • More strategic partnerships
  • Broad-ranging marketing campaign (influencers, media, AMAs)
  • Massive community building activities (airdrops, contests, giveaways)
  • Local communities on Discord
  • Listing on popular DeFi exchanges
  • Regular PSR and PAN burn
  • New pools, farms, and trade mining pairs
  • Reward optimization on pools, farms, and trade mining pairs
  • New features, new UI/UX, smart contract and product upgrades
  • Enhancing token use cases and user rewards
  • Listing on CoinMarketCap
  • Listing on CoinGecko


  • Pandora Launchpad
  • DEX Aggregator
  • Intensive marketing campaign (influencer collabs, ambassador program, media, AMAs)
  • Global community events (contests, airdrops, giveaways)
  • More strategic alliances
  • Listing on major Dapp aggregators and portfolio trackers
  • Other unique products and features, UI/UX redesign, more smart contract and product upgrades
  • Additional pools, farms, and trade mining pairs
  • Continuous PSR and PAN burn
  • Token utility enrichment and reward boost
  • Major changes to the protocol (PAN emission, token allocation, fees and fee allocation, Pandora’s direction, etc.)
  • Listing as an exchange on CoinMarketCap


  • Additional tailored collaborations
  • Aggressive marketing campaign (influencer collabs, ambassador program, media, AMAs)
  • More user engagement activities (contests, giveaways)
  • Ongoing PSR and PAN burn
  • More distinctive products and features, UI/UX improvements, additional smart contract and product upgrades
  • New farms, pools, and trade mining tokens
  • Token use case diversification and user reward boost
  • More IDOs & INOs on Pandora Launchpad
  • Adjustments to the protocol based on community voting
  • Extra smart contract audits
  • Listing on major crypto exchanges
  • Governance and voting system
  • Decentralized incubator for DeFi, GameFi, NFT & Metaverse projects
Join us on our journey towards financial independence for all.
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