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Untold BearTales

Tell your bearish stories and win bullish rewards.

Contest Timeline

How to Enter

Step 1: Quote tweet this post on Twitter. Make sure to include:
✔️Hashtags #UntoldBearTales & #NFTSecurities.
✔️Your own story (You must share your own stories that reflect your crypto experience during downturns. It can be a big mistake you want others to avoid or any valuable lessons learned along the way).
Step 2: Submit proof:

Reward Structure

Prize Pool: $1,300 for 2 rounds ($650 each)

Reward Categories:

  • “Most-Liked” Awards: for Top 10 stories with the most likes on Twitter.
  • Pandora’s Choice Awards: for Top 3 stories picked by the PandoTeam.
Top 1 and 2 in “Most-Liked” Category will not be considered for Pandora’s Choice Category.
All Pandora’s Choice Awards shall be given at our sole discretion. The PandoTeam reserves the right to make decisions regarding who will win under this category.
Pandora reserves the right to use any stories shared by you under the framework of this contest as marketing materials, whether you win the contest or not.

Reward Structure for Each Round:

Prize Distribution for Each Round
Contest prizes are funded by Pandora’s Community Development & Reward Fund, which is made up of 32% of the total supply of PSR. View PSR tokenomics here.
Contest prizes will be directly credited to each winner’s wallet.
Pandora reserves the right to change or modify any of the terms and conditions or any policy or guideline of the Contest, at any time and at its sole discretion. Such changes, modifications, additions, or deletions shall be effective immediately upon posting to Your participation in the Contest after such posting shall be deemed to constitute acceptance by you of such modifications, additions, or deletions.

How to Submit an Appeal?

After we’ve announced the results on Pandora's official channels, anybody can submit an appeal to us if you want to have the results reviewed. Here’s how:
  • During the appeal period, you can submit your appeal via this Google Form (accessible as of 19 December 2022 at 9:00 AM UTC). Any appeals raised to us via other channels rather than this form will NOT be considered.
  • Your appeal should detail the reasons why you think the results were not made in your or others’ favor; and/or prove that fraud took place during a round of judging, and/or indicate any other practices you deem improper and should be reviewed. Include proof (if any) as attachments in your message.
  • We will carefully examine each appeal and make sure all the cases are dealt with before the appeal period ends.
  • After the appeal period ends, we will not process any further reports under any circumstances and the results published on Pandora’s official channels shall be final.

How to Submit a Proof of NFT Security Purchase?

Those who are entitled to cashback on NFT Securities, please DM us proof of your purchases on Twitter.