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Treasure Strike

Trade at the best rates & win big.
Trade your way to the top and win big with our latest contest "Treasure Strike".
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Just simply by trading on, you’ll get a chance to share in a mighty reward pool of $30,000 in PSR and 10 IDO slots.
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"Treasure Strike" at a Glance

✔️Trade with Benefits & Win Big
✔️$30.000 in prizes
✔️520 winners (20 winners with the most tickets + 500 winners randomly chosen)

Contest Period

From 7:00 AM UTC on 26 August 2022 until 7:00 AM UTC on 2 September 2022

General Rules

During the period of the Treasure Strike contest (the "Contest"), users will earn a certain number of tickets for each hashrate-eligible trade conducted on Pandora.
View which trading pairs are currently eligible for receiving hashrate:
The tickets are earned in proportion to the hashrate users gain for that particular trade, in a 1:10 ratio (1 ticket = 10 hashrate). Meanwhile, the hashrate users gain is based on how much volume was in that trade.
The hashrate earned on each trade has two decimals and is rounded down to the nearest 10 upon calculating the number of tickets received.
For example:
  • A trader who gained 10 - 10.99 hashrate will receive 1 ticket.
  • A trader who gained less than 10 hashrate (9.99 or below) will receive no ticket.
The amount of hashrate you are entitled to earn on a particular trade is always displayed above the Swap Now button.

Reward Structure

Top 20 traders with the most tickets: $15,000 in PSR + 10 IDO slots

When the Contest is over, top 20 traders with the most tickets will win the Contest and share a reward pool of $15.000 in PSR.
Furthermore, the top 10 will each be granted a slot to participate in a forthcoming IDO on Pandora Launchpad.
In case two or more users finish level on the number of tickets earned, the timing of their last hashrate-eligible transaction shall be used to determine their final ranking position. More specifically, the one with the transaction that is made closest to the end of the Contest (7:00 AM UTC on 2 September 2022) will rank higher.
View the reward allocations below:

Lucky draw: $15,000 for 500 winners

All participants with at least 1 TICKET (10 hashrate) will have a chance to split a prize pool of $15,000.
More specifically:
Each ticket has a randomly generated number, ranging from 1 to ∞ without duplicates amongst them.
If the number on your ticket matches any of the winning numbers of a particular round, you'll win and get an equal share ($30 in PSR) of the prize pool of that respective round.
A contestant can win multiple lucky draw prizes in the same or separate rounds. He/she can also be amongst the top 20 traders with the most tickets and a lucky draw winner simultaneously.
Each ticket can be entered into only one designated round. Both winning and non-winning tickets are not valid for entry into second chance drawings.
  • Tickets earned between 1:00 AM UTC and 6:59 AM UTC on the current day will be entered into the drawing scheduled for 7:00 AM UTC on the same day.
  • Tickets earned between 7:00 AM UTC and 12:59 PM UTC on the current day will be entered into the drawing scheduled for 1:00 PM UTC on the same day.
  • Tickets earned between 1:00 PM UTC and 6:59 PM UTC on the current day will be entered into the drawing scheduled for 7:00 PM UTC on the same day.
  • Tickets earned between 7:00 PM UTC on the current day and 0:59 AM UTC on the next day will be entered into the drawing scheduled for 1:00 AM UTC on the next day.
Pandora utilizes Chainlink VRF (Verifiably Random Function) to ensure that all winning numbers are truly random and can’t be mathematically predicted and every round has fair drawings that give every player an equal shot at winning.
View the Drawing Schedule & Reward Allocations below:

How to Check Lucky Draw Results


Contest prizes are funded by Pandora’s Community Development & Reward Fund, which is made up of 32% of the total supply of PSR. View PSR tokenomics.
Contest prizes will be directly credited to each winner’s wallet.
We may, at our sole discretion, modify or terminate your right to receive your contest prize upon discovery of any fraudulent and dishonest acts conducted by you in order to earn more points under the Contest. Our decision shall be final and we will not enter into any discussion regarding this matter.

How does "Treasure Strike" benefit you as a contestant?

Apart from the massive prize pool worth $30,000 in PSR & 10 IDO slots, below are other attractive perks that come along with the Contest you should be aware of:
✔️You'll get the best rates on your token swaps thanks to Pandora's advanced swap feature that offers the deepest liquidity across various DEXes and maximum token outputs.
✔️You'll earn up to 550% APR, paid out daily, on your hashrate-eligible trades thanks to the unparalleled trade mining mechanism of Pandora.
✔️You'll accumulate hashrate and have a chance of winning the 2nd Trade League & share in a giant progressive prize pool currently worth over $100.000.

What is Trade League?

Pandora enables all its users to trade and compete for a top spot in a race against time and other traders. Each round of the Trade League is held over the course of 60 days. At the end of the round, top 50 traders by 30-day rolling hashrate average will win the contest and share hash rate Mega Jackpot.
Check who’s on top now:​
Our Trade League is set to finish in more than 20 days. You still have plenty of time to make it into the top 50 if you're not already there.
Trade, accumulate more hashrate, earn PAN rewards, win Treasure Strike & make yourself one-of-a-few on our Trade League: ​​​

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