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Upgrade. Earn. Win.
Upgrading and staking your DroidBots are the way to go if you want to magnify your earnings on Pandora NFT Staking Pool.​
The good news is we've also got an awesome PandoRace that promises great prizes for upgrading DroidBots.
Join the race to better decentralized finance now:​

What to expect at PandoRace?

✔️Upgrade DroidBots to win
✔️10.000 PSR in prizes
✔️20 winners

DroidBot upgrade benefits

✔️Higher-level DroidBot - More staking rewards in BUSD.
✔️️More jackpot tickets – Increased chances of winning huge jackpot prizes.
✔️More DroidBot upgrades – Greater accumulated points – Win the PandoRace.
✔️More DroidBot upgrades – More PSR (upgrade fees) burned – Decreased total circulating supply of PSR
✔️Material DroidBot burned - Reduced circulating supply of DroidBots – Growth in scarcity, value & rewards earned.
✔️DroidBot combo formation – More staking bonuses – More rewards in BUSD.

General Rules

During the period of the PandoRace (From 26 May 2022 at 6:00 AM UTC Until 31 May 2022 at 6:00 AM UTC), users will earn points each time they upgrade a DroidBot.
If the upgrade is successful, users will earn a certain number of points proportional to the mine power of the upgraded DroidBot.
In case the upgrade fails, users will still gain points corresponding to the mine power of the Material DroidBot.
When the race is over, top 20 PandoRacers with the highest points will win the race and share a reward pool of 10.000 PSR. In case two or more users finish on equal points, their ranking positions will be determined randomly by our system. View the reward allocations below.
PandoRace rewards are funded by Pandora’s Community Development & Reward Fund, which is made up of 32% of the total supply of PSR. View PSR tokenomics here.
PandoRace rewards will be directly credited to each winner’s wallet.

50% Fee Reduction on Upgrading DroidBots

💥After a thorough evaluation of PSR value’s growth and how this would impact our users, the Pandora team has decided to reduce the fees on upgrading DroidBot & unlocking staking slot BY HALF.
♻️More specifically,
✔️Upgrading DroidBot using material DroidBot L-1:
💰New fee: 5 PSR (Old fee: 10 PSR)
✔️1st staking slot unlocked:
💰New fee: 50 PSR (Old fee: 100 PSR)
⏳Effective from 9:30 AM UTC on 22 May 2022.
💟The Pandora team listens, cares & takes action!