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Pandora Security Genesis Trial

Be the first to experience Pandora NFT Securities.
The first-ever decentralized, fixed-interest securities have been made possible by Pandora & are now AVAILABLE FOR TRIALS.
You’re all invited to try out the beta version of Pandora NFT Securities:
500 limited-edition NFTs will be given to 500 lucky people having successfully fulfilled the following:
✔️ Mint at least 1 NFT Security on
(step-by-step guide on how to mint NFT Securities)
✔️ Follow Pandora on Twitter
✔️ Quote tweet this post with hashtag #PandoraNFTSecurities and tag 3 friends
✔️ Answer 1 NFT Security related question
✔️ Refer your pals to Pandora (optional)
📝Trial period: 14-25 November | 9:00 AM UTC
🔎Get a grasp on this revolutionary type of decentralized investment: