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PandoInstitute: Jackpot Trivia League

Master your own luck.
We are organizing a quiz minigame "Learn-to-Earn" to help our users better understand our Jackpot V2.0.
Prove how well acquainted you are with our Jackpot V2.0 & stand a chance to share in a $500 prize pool.
Read the following section thoroughly to find your answer keys!
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Entry Period

04 - 14 August | 9:00 AM UTC. (All entries submitted after 14 August 2022 at 9:00 AM UTC will be disregarded.)

Prize Pool

$500 in PSR for 10 winners ($50 each).

General Rules

Only 1 entry per email/Telegram account/wallet address. If multiple entries are received from the same account, email, or wallet address, only the first entry received will be considered and all other entries will be disqualified.
Any incomplete or fraudulent entries will be rejected at the sole discretion of Pandora.
Only those who have submitted all correct answers (scored 100 points) and fulfilled all the requirements, as specified, will enter the winner selection process.

Winner Selection Process

All entries eligible for the winner selection will be ranked in order of submission time (earliest first). The top 5 entries (1st - 5th) will be selected as winners.
The rest of the eligible entries will then enter the lucky draw. We use to select 5 random winners.

Results & Prize Payouts

Within 48 hours after the conclusion of the Jackpot Trivia League, the results will be announced on Pandora's official channels and the prizes will be distributed to the 10 rightful winners.
The individual prize will be transferred directly to the winner’s wallet address after the results have been published.
The closing BUSD/PSR exchange rate on 14 August 2022 at 9:00 AM UTC as displayed on DexTools shall be used for prize distribution.
Entering an invalid/wrong wallet address will result in transaction failure or your prize money being lost forever. In either case, Pandora will neither resend your prize nor take into consideration your request to submit an alternative wallet address.