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Age of DroidBots

Craft. Open. Earn.
Let’s start this July on a high note with our brand spanking new, PandoVerse-inspired contest - Age of DroidBots!
Just simply by crafting & opening PandoBoxes, you’ll get a chance to share a mighty reward pool of 10,000 PSR.
Bring your friends along for the ride so that you can celebrate together when you win.
Invite your friends via referral code & enjoy a 5% bonus on their earnings: Referral Program
We've recently launched Craft & Open PandoBox V2.0. With this latest version, you are able to craft & open PandoBoxes massively and spend less on gas fees.
Did you know that every time you open a PandoBox, you'll get a DroidBot & a certain number of Mega & Minor tickets?
Pandora’s users have a chance to win huge Mega & Minor Jackpots if in possession of these tickets.
Learn more: Mega & Minor Tickets
Check your ranking on the Contest's official site:

What to expect?

✔️Open PandoBoxes to Win
✔️10.000 PSR in prizes
✔️20 winners

Contest Period

From 9:00 AM UTC on 8 July 2022 until 9:00 AM UTC on 15 July 2022

General Rules

Under the Age of DroidBots contest (the “Contest”), users will score points in proportion to the mine power of the DroidBot they receive upon opening up a PandoBox during the period of the Contest, in a 1:1 ratio.
When the Contest is over, top 20 DroidBot masters with the highest points will win the Contest and share a reward pool of 10.000 PSR.
In case two or more users finish level on points, the timing of their last point-eligible transaction shall be used to determine their final ranking position. More specifically, the one with the transaction that is made closer to the end of the Contest (9:00 AM UTC, 15 July 2022) will rank higher.
View the reward allocations below.
Contest prizes are funded by Pandora’s Community Development & Reward Fund, which is made up of 32% of the total supply of PSR. View PSR tokenomics here.
Contest prizes will be directly credited to each winner’s wallet.
We may, at our sole discretion, modify or terminate your right to receive your prize upon discovery of any fraudulent and dishonest acts conducted by you in order to earn more points under the Contest. Our decision shall be final and we will not enter into any discussion regarding this matter.

Profit-sharing for DroidBot stakers

If you've recently got a bunch of cool new DroidBots from PandoBoxes, don't just let those marvelous NFTs sitting still in your wallet.
Did you know that Pandora offers an attractive profit-aring scheme for all DroidBot holders?
Just simply by staking your DroidBots, you will be able to earn a portion of Pandora's revenues.
Stake your DroidBots now & enjoy daily staking rewards in BUSD.

Learn how to stake DroidBots on Pandora:

Upgrade DroidBot & Earn More

Did you know that you can boost your earnings on DroidBot staking pool by upgrading your DroidBot?
Let's discover the various advantages that come along with upgrading a DroidBot:
✔️Higher-power DroidBot - More staking rewards in BUSD.
✔️ More jackpot tickets – Increased chances of winning huge jackpot prizes.
✔️More DroidBot upgrades – More PSR (upgrade fees) burned – Decreased total circulating supply of PSR
✔️Material DroidBot burned - Reduced circulating supply of DroidBots – Growth in scarcity, value & rewards earned.
✔️ DroidBot combo formation – More staking bonuses – More rewards in BUSD.
We've recently launched the new and improved DroidBot Upgrade V2.0. Multiple significant enhancements have been made to this core product in order to bring about even more advantages for all DroidBot lovers.
We’ve put together a handy infographic that will provide you with some in-depth insight into this major product upgrade: