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Active Pandorans Challenge

Engage to earn.
Dear all Pandorans! We are hosting a community event on our Discord server with a prize pool of 3295 PSR, 150 PandoBoxes & 3 DroidBots.
Just by completing a very simple set of tasks, you will have a chance to split this prize pool:
✔️Connect your wallet to Pandora Dapp
✔️Solve the quizzes given in this form
✔️Invite at least 5 friends to Pandora's Discord
✔️Be active & reach level 3 in our Discord community
All participants MUST complete all of the aforementioned tasks to be eligible!

Entry Period

16 - 23 September | 10:00 AM UTC (All entries submitted after 23 September 2022 at 10:00 AM UTC will be disregarded).

Reward Structure

🎉Reward Structure: 4 categories for all participants to compete: *Limit: 2,000 eligible participants 🎁 The Active Pandorans
2000 participants who completed all the tasks will receive 1 PSR each. *Note: If not fulfilled by 2000 participants, the residual prize pool will be used to raffle for lucky participants.
🎁 The PandoFlash First 50 users who successfully connected their wallet and answered the quizzes correctly will receive 2 PandoBoxes L2 + 10 PSR each (By the end of the event, participants MUST fulfill all requirements) *Note: We collect data based on the quiz's response time and will cross-check if the 50 participants meet all the requirements.
🎁 The Lucky Pandorans 50 random participants will receive 1 PandoBox L2 + 10 PSR each.
🎁 The Friendly Pandorans Top invites will receive: - Top 1: 50 PSR + 1 DroidBot L4
- Top 2: 25 PSR + 1 DroidBot L3
- Top 3: 10 PSR + 1 DroidBot L2

General Rules

  • Only 1 entry per Discord account/wallet address. If multiple entries are received from the same account or wallet address, only the first entry received will be considered and all other entries will be disqualified.
  • Your Discord ID and Wallet Address MUST match with your response in this Google Form to be eligible. We will cross-check with our Database to verify the winners.
  • Any incomplete or fraudulent entries will be rejected at the sole discretion of Pandora.
  • Only those who have submitted all correct answers (scored 50 points) and fulfilled all the requirements, as specified, will enter the winner selection process.

Winner Selection Process

The PandoFlash

  • First 50 entries eligible for the winner selection will be ranked based on submission time.
  • You MUST fulfill all the tasks to be eligible.
  • Winners of "The PandoFlash" will be excluded from "The Lucky Pandorans" category.

The Lucky Pandorans

The Active Pandorans

  • The first 2000 participants who fulfilled all the requirements will receive 1 PSR. We will close the winner list once 2000 people have successfully completed all the tasks. All submissions after max cap reached will be disregarded.
  • If the total number of participants does not fulfill, the residual prize pool will be raffled off to eligible, randomly chosen participants who have not yet won any prizes from "The Lucky Pandorans", "The PandoFlash", and "The Friendly Pandorans (e.g. if there are only 1700 eligible participants, the residual amount (300 PSR) will be distributed to lucky winners based on random selection via

The Friendly Pandorans

  • Top 3 winners will be ranked based on the total number of invitees, tracked by Invite Tracker bot.

Results & Prize Payouts

Within 48 hours after the conclusion of the contest, the results will be announced on Pandora's official channels and the prizes will be distributed to the rightful winners.
The individual prize will be transferred directly to the winner’s wallet address after the results have been published.
Entering an invalid/wrong wallet address will result in transaction failure or your prize money being lost forever. In either case, Pandora will neither resend your prize nor take into consideration your request to submit an alternative wallet address.