Trading Leaderboard Q&A

Addressing important questions about Trading Leaderboard.

What is timebomb?

Pandora Mega Jackpot is connected to a timebomb that started counting down from 60 days since Pandora's inception.
The timebomb will automatically reset to 60 days once it hits zero and explodes.

How are Timebomb, Mega Jackpot & Trading Leaderboard interconnected?

Top 50 of the Trading Leaderboard by 30-day rolling hashrate average will share the Mega Jackpot if nobody has hit it before the timebomb explodes.
The leaderboard is updated every five minutes with the latest rankings.
Check who’s on top now at here.

I’m not amongst the top 50. How to boost my ranking?

By trading and accumulating more hashrate, you could rank up on the Trading Leaderboard and make it into the top 50.

I’m in the top 50. How much is my share of the Mega Jackpot worth?

The individual prize for each person in the top 50 is proportional to their 30-day hashrate average at the time of timebomb explosion.
If you wish to maintain your spot in the top 50 or increase your hashrate average/rank to win a bigger share of the Mega Jackpot, keep on trading and accumulating more hashrate.
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