Trade Mining Q&A

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What is Trade Mining?

Pandora’s Trade Mining allows users to mine PAN rewards just by executing trades on

How is Trade Mining V2.0 different from Trade Mining V1.0?

  • More incentives, more chances to earn.
  • Earn compound interest on your unclaimed PAN rewards.
  • Earn hashrate & PAN rewards even on swaps that are not directly executed through
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Who can earn with Trade Mining V2.0?

Anyone, whether a seasoned or inexperienced crypto trader, can benefit from this updated feature.

How do I earn with Trade Mining V2.0?

In Trade Mining V2.0, you can earn hashrate and PAN rewards for every trade that involves at least one reward-eligible token and is not necessarily executed through, but rather a different DEX.
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What is hashrate?

In Trade Mining V2.0, every time someone conducts a successful trade via Pandora Swap, he or she will earn a certain amount of hashrate proportional to the volume of that particular trade. This amount of hashrate is used upon calculating the trade mining rewards from the Instant Pool the user is entitled to in each epoch.
Hashrate earned during a specific epoch is valid during that epoch only and shall not be carried over to the next one. That means your hashrate will be reset to 0 when a new epoch starts.

How are hashrate and PAN rewards calculated in Trade Mining V2.0?

Hashrate Received = Token’s Multiplier/Total Multiplier * Trading Volume
– Hashrate Received: the amount of hashrate you earned for a successful trade – Token’s Multiplier: if both the input and output tokens belong in the Incentive List, each is assigned a specific multiplier. The higher multiplier will be taken into consideration upon calculating hashrate for that swap. – Total Multiplier: the sum of the multiplier of all the tokens available in the Incentive List. – Trading Volume: the USD value of the incentive token of the trade
Individual rewards = Individual Hashrate/Total Hashrate*Total PAN rewards
– Individual Hashrate: Hashrate a user earned in epoch X – Total Hashrate: The sum of the hashrate earned by all users in epoch X – Total PAN rewards: The total rewards in Instant Pool during epoch X
For more details, refer here.

How do I check my hashrate and PAN rewards in Trade Mining V2.0?

Open Pandora’s Trade Mining page. Scroll down a bit, and you will see your hashrate and PAN rewards in this table.

How do I know if my trades are qualified for receiving hashrate?

There are 2 token lists to determine whether a trade is qualified for receiving hashrate.
  • Incentive List: a list of all tokens qualified for hashrate and predetermined by Pandora. A trade is entitled to hashrate when either or both input or output token of that specific trade fall into this list. Each token in this list is associated with a preset multiplier.
  • Verified List: a list of all tokens that have been internally audited and verified by Pandora. In case only the input or output token of a swap is listed in the Incentive List, the other one must fall into the Verified List, otherwise, no hashrate will be credited for your trade.