PandoBox Q&A

Got questions about PandoBox? You've come to the right place!

How many levels does PandoBox have?

Our PandoBox comes in 6 different levels, from Level 1 (L-1) to Level 6 (L-6).

How many PandoBoxes can I craft?

The number of PandoBoxes you can create with PSR and PAN tokens combination is unlimited.
However, at launch, only 1000 PandoBoxes per day can be generated on a first-come, first-served basis. This number shall decrease by 10% every 30 days thereafter.

How can I get high-level PandoBoxes?

Each PandoBox crafted has a randomly generated level (1 through 6), therefore the drop rate for each tier varies. The higher the PandoBox’s level, the lower its drop rate. Please consult the Drop Rates (embed link later) for more details.
If the level of the PandoBox you received is not as high as expected, don't lose hope! Try crafting again with different token combinations, or purchase PandoBoxes at your desired levels on the PandoMarket.

Where can I see all my PandoBoxes?

Your available PandoBoxes are listed on the Inventory page.

I have successfully crafted a PandoBox, now what?

You can either unlock your PandoBox to get a Droidbot at a randomly generated level and a PandoTicket, or sell your box on the PandoMarket.
In both cases, go to Inventory page to proceed with the option of your choice.

How to sell my PandoBox?

You can always put any of your available PandoBoxes up for sale.
Go to Inventory page, find the PandoBox you wish to sell in the PandoBoxes section, then click the “Sell” button underneath it. (capture added later)

Where can I see my PandoBoxes that are currently on sale?

Go to PandoMarket page, then direct yourself to the Manage Sales section, there you can see all the PandoBoxes you have put up for sale under the On Sale tab.

What are the benefits of getting high-level PandoBoxes?

High-level PandoBoxes offer users a better chance of getting high-level DroidBots.
Their rarity also makes them more valuable and thus they can be traded on PandoMarket at better prices.
Join us on our journey towards financial independence for all.
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