NFT (DroidBot) Staking Q&A

Explore the world of DroidBot staking and find answers to your most frequently asked questions.

What is Common Camp?

Common Camp or Common Pool is a public NFT staking pool where anyone, regardless of their user level, can stake their DroidBots of any level to earn passive BUSD income.

What is Premium Camp?

Premium Camp or Premium Pool is a newly developed NFT staking pool available exclusively for those with user level 5 or higher.
Those who meet the level requirement can stake DroidBots of any level to earn dual rewards in BUSD and PSR.

What is Mine Power Bonus?

Users get a mine power boost (reward boost) for staking special DroidBot combos: Bronze (+15%), Silver (+40%), Gold (+100%), and Ultimate (+400%).
To learn more about these DroidBot combos, please refer to the Mine Power Bonus Rules.

What is a staking slot?

To stake a DroidBot, first, you need to have an available staking slot.

Are staking slots free?

  • Each user is granted 4 staking slots in Common Camp free of charge.
  • Each Premium Camp staker is also given an additional slot at no cost.
  • Each slot is capable of holding one DroidBot.
If you wish to stake more than 4 DroidBots in Common Camp or 1 DroidBot in Premium Camp, please purchase additional slots.

How much does it cost to unlock a staking slot?

For Common Camp, 1st slot unlocked: 50 PSR. 2nd slot onwards: 1.2X the price of its preceding slot.
For Premium Camp, 1st slot unlocked: 75 PSR. 2nd slot onwards: 1.2X the price of its preceding slot.

Can I sell my staked DroidBot?

No, you can’t sell your staked DroidBot.
To do so, first, please unstake your DroidBot, then you can list it on PandoMarket for sale.

Do I still earn rewards if my DroidBot is not staked?

No, you will not earn any rewards if your DroidBot isn’t staked.