DroidBot Upgrade Q&A

Find out more about DroidBot upgrade.

What are the benefits of upgrading my DroidBot?

Upgraded DroidBot has higher mine power. The greater its mine power, the more staking rewards in BUSD you earn.

How many DroidBots can be upgraded at a time?

You can upgrade up to 10 DroidBots at once.

What tokens can I use to pay the upgrade fee?

Currently, you can pay the upgrade fee in PSR.

How much is the upgrade fee?

Upgrade fee depends on the level of the Main DroidBot, starting at 5 PSR for upgrading a DroidBot L-1 and shall increase by 1,5 times for each next higher rank.
View the tier-based upgrade fees table here.

My upgrade was successful, but my DroidBot’s level remains unchanged.

Upgraded DroidBot has higher mine power but is not necessarily levelled up. If the mine power of the upgraded Droidbot reaches or surpasses the lowest mine power threshold of any higher level, its level will increase accordingly.
View the tier-based mine power ranges table here.
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