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How to track your rank & EXP earned

The first action-based reward system in DeFi.
In this tutorial, we'll walk you through everything you need to know about User Level, ranging from how to check your level and learn about all the benefits associated with it, and all the way up to how to track the EXP you've earned for each activity you've conducted on
So let's get started!

How to Unlock New Levels Manually?

Why it's Important to Unlock New Levels Manually?

Experience points (EXP) are grading units for Pandora's User Level. It measures how actively you've used Pandora Dapp.
The more EXP you accumulate, the higher your user level will be. And more benefits become available as your user level rises.
Once the required number of EXP has been accumulated, there is no automatic upgrade. You must go to, on the User Level dashboard, then click "Level Up" to reach your new level. No benefits associated with that new level will be available to you until you've done so.
To see the User Level dashboard, when you're on the Pandora Dapp, please look for the Address Bar in the upper right corner of the Dapp's interface.
  1. 1.
    Click the Address Bar and the User Level dashboard will pop out automatically.
2. Click "Level Up".
3. Select "Confirm" and hang on a moment.
4. The top-right-corner notification will appear letting you know that you've have reached a new level.
5. You may now view the benefits that come with your new level in the "Your Boosts" section.

How to check your current rank & accumulated EXP?

  1. 1.
    Go to On the menu bar, select "More" then choose "EXP Scan".
2. Enter your wallet address in the search bar then press Enter.
If you are new on and haven't conducted any activities on our exchange, your wallet address is not yet indexed in our user-level system and thus our EXP scanner cannot find your address.
3. Once your address is found, your Profile Overview will pop up, there you can see your current rank and your accumulated EXP to date.
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