How to Earn with Trade Mining V2.0

An in-depth tutorial on how you can with Trade Mining V2.0.
The Trade Mining feature is one of the most lucrative and attractive offerings of Pandora. Trading on might be a source of passive revenue thanks to this feature.
Below are all the guides on how to make money with Trade Mining V2.0.​
First, to use Trade Mining, it's necessary to connect your wallet. If you haven’t got your compatible wallet connected to our platform, please go to Wallet Connection for instructions.

How to Start Mining

There are lots of ways to access this page:
Option 1: Visit directly.
Option 2: Choose Earn -> Trade Mining from the menu bar.
2. On the Trade Mining page, scroll down to the "Incentive Tokens" section, then click on the token you want to trade mine.
Typing down the name of the token you're looking for on the search bar is another option to speed up the process.
The Sort function in Trade Mining V1.0 is now displayed right next to the search bar. By filtering by Highest Multiplier, Hottest, and Newest, you can easily select a token that fits your needs.
Here we choose PSR for instance.
3. Just by clicking the PSR token ticker in the Incentive Tokens section, you'll be navigated to the Swap page with the token input of PSR.
The output token we will give you by default is the one that gives the highest hashrate for the transaction.
You are free to change to the token you want and begin to swap as instructed. Learn more about how to swap on Pandora here:
​ Hashrate Rewards will turn up below for you to have an exact number before making a decision.
4. After swapping succeeded, on the same interface, click the "Trade Mining" button to return to the Trade Mining page.​
Scroll down a bit, and you will see your hashrate updated in this table.
Your hashrate will be reset to 0 every epoch (1 hour). Plus, with every passing epoch, your unclaimed PAN rewards will grow.
After each epoch, any PAN rewards you haven't claimed will be added up and shown in your pending rewards.

How to Harvest PAN Rwards from Trade Mining

​1. Open Pandora's Trade Mining page. Click the "Claim" button then a mini browser of Metamask Notification will require you to sign.
2. Click "Confirm" and wait for the process.
3. Cool! Now everything is done. "Claim Successful" is informed and will disappear in just 3 seconds.
You can also see the number of reward tokens that have landed in your wallet.