How to Earn with Trade Mining V1.0

Here's how to earn with Trade Mining V1.0.


Not sure how to properly use trade mining on Pandora? We're happy to walk through every step of the way.

Start Mining

  1. 1.
    Open Pandora's Trade Mining page. You will see a list of Trade Mining pools.
2. Decide what pair you are going to trade mine, using APR, Total Hash Rate or Multiplier. You can use the selection bar to sort pairs by these figures or type the token name in the search bar to find your desired pair.
3. Here we will start trade mining with PSR-USDT for your demonstration. Click it to proceed.
The details will be disclosed as follow.
4. Click "Earn hash rate" button at your bottom right to continue.
5. You will be directed to the Swap page with PSR and USDT preset as follow:
Click the downward arrow if you want to reverse the swap order.
6. Begin to swap as instructed. Learn more about how to swap on Pandora here:
7. As swapping is in progress, the hashrate you would acquire, and the estimated PAN rewards per day are disclosed for your reference.
Remember that the swapping route affects the price shift and the acquired hash rate. Click on the arrow on the right corner to start adjusting using the switch button.
8. After swapping succeeded, on the same interface, click "Go to Trade Mining" button to return to the Trade Mining page and see the updated hash rate.
9. On the Trade Mining page, find the updated hash rate and PAN rewards by clicking on the PSR-USDT pool.
10. To see the total hash rate and PAN rewards you have acquired from Trade Mining, simply scroll up to the top of the page.

Harvesting PAN from Trade Mining

Getting PAN rewards is easy, but it takes further steps to harvest them in your wallet.
Please note that harvesting comes with a small gas fee, and your accumulated hash rate will reset.
1. Open Pandora's Trade Mining page.
2. To harvest PAN rewards from all mining pools, click the "Harvest All" button at the top of the page.
Confirm the transaction on your wallet. After a short wait, check the balance in your wallet.
3. To harvest PAN rewards from an individual pool, first locate yourself to the pool you would like to harvest. You can use our search bar or the "Mining Only" switch.
We will harvest from PSR-USDT as an example.
4. Click on the mining pool, and a bar of actions along with the details will be disclosed.
Click "Harvest" to proceed.
Confirm the transaction on your wallet. After a short wait, check the balance in your wallet.
Ready? Start your earnings on Trade Mining now.
Join us on our journey towards financial independence for all.
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