How are hashrate and PAN rewards calculated in Trade Mining V1.0?

A novel DeFi feature, now a huge incentive adopted by Pandora to make trading profitable!

What is Trade Mining?

Getting PAN rewards is now easy as pie with the Trade Mining mechanism. Just like how it's called, by placing trades on Pandora's exchange with our protocol's implemented token pairs, users get to mine PAN tokens.
Trade Mining pushes trading volume to increase over time, enhancing the platform's strength and stability. Traders are encouraged to use their given PAN tokens to stake in PandoPools, provide liquidity or craft some PandoBoxes to maximize their profits!


Pandora rewards its users for trading specific token pairs.
Upon carrying out a reward-eligible trade, the user will earn a certain amount of hashrate, which represents proof of his/her share of the reward pool for the traded pair.
The more you trade with Pandora, the higher your hashrate is as it's accumulated.
For every block mined, PAN will be emitted and rewarded to users who have participated in Trade Mining based on their accumulated hashrate.

How hashrate is calculated

Users' hashrate will be calculated by this formula:
HR = Trade Volume * Multiplier of Trade Mining Pair / Total Multiplier of All Active Trade Mining
Trade Volume is calculated in USD
For example:
  • There're currently 2 active trade mining pairs in total, PSR-USDT and PAN-BUSD, with a multiplier of 70 & 30 respectively, making for a combined multiplier of 100. Then:
  • A user that makes a swap worth 10$ in PSR-USDT pool will receive: 10 * 70/100 = 7 (HR)
  • A user that makes a swap worth 10$ in PAN-BUSD pool will receive: 10 * 30/100 = 3 (HR)

How PAN rewards are calculated

Users' PAN rewards will be calculated by this formula:
PAN Rewards = 6.4125 * User's Hashrate in a particular Trade Mining Pool / Total Hashrate of that Trade Mining Pool
6.4125: The number of PAN tokens allocated to Trade Mining per block minted.
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