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How to Check Trade League Rankings & Claim Prizes

Make an effort to create your own luck!
The Mega Jackpot rewards will be distributed to the top 50 traders based on their 30-day hashrate average.
Learn more about hashrate & trade mining:
The 30-day average hashrate of each trader and their respective ranking will be updated on the Leaderboard every 5 minutes.
The timebomb will automatically reset to 60 days every time someone won the Mega Jackpot.
How is Mega Jackpot distributed amongst top 50 traders of the Trading Leaderboard?
The Mega jackpot is distributed amongst the top 50 of the leaderboard using the following formula:
Individual Reward = Mega jackpot value * IH / HT
IH: 30-day average daily mining hash rate of each individual in the top 50 of the leaderboard
HT: The sum of the 30-day average daily mining hash rates of the top 50 of the leaderboard

Check your ranking on Trade League Leaderboard

  1. 1.
    Go to Pandora.Digital. On the menu bar, choose "Win", then click "Trade League".
If you are new to Trade League, click “View Rules” to explore how it works.
On this page, you can see the prize pot of the current round and the timer that counts down until the timebomb explosion.
2. Scroll down to see the "Leaderboard".
3. Type down any wallet address in the "Search wallet" bar to search for its ranking. Your ranking is displayed in the bottom of the Leaderboard.
Note: You will be suggested how many hashes you need to reach into the top 50.
The Mega Jackpot is associated with the 60-day countdown timebomb. If nobody has claimed the Mega Jackpot before the countdown reaches zero, the timebomb will explode. The Mega Jackpot will then be distributed amongst the top 50 of the Leaderboard.
If you won the Trade League, you'll see the prize money you're entitled to in the "Claim your winnings" section. Click "Claim prize" to withdraw it to your wallet.
Trade League prizes must be claimed within 14 days of the on-screen notification of prize claim possibility.
If you don’t claim your prize within the predetermined prize claim period, your entitlement to that prize will be lost.
All the results from every round are archived in the "Timebomb history".
All History
Your History
To view the detailed list of winners and prizes across all rounds, choose "All History". Use the back and forward arrows to switch between the rounds.
To retrieve your personal wins in all previous rounds, check "Your History".
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