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Phase 3: Order Splitting

Another step in our continuous efforts to elevate the DeFi trading experience of Pandorans.
Pandora Swap just got a big upgrade - users can soon take advantage of our Order Splitting feature to get better trade routes and best-in-class prices. Let's unlock greater trading potential with the help of Pandora Swap.

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What is Order Splitting?

Order splitting divides one single large trade into several separate smaller trades and spreads them across various different exchanges/liquidity sources, ensuring they always get filled at optimal prices.
Mastering the art of order splitting can help traders unlock significant advantages when executing large orders.

How does Order Splitting Work on

Pandora's automated order-splitting functionality identifies all possible trading routes, leveraging the diverse liquidity range available on multiple DEXs supported on This cutting-edge feature maps out the most optimal trade routes for each order, offering enhanced pricing outcomes - so you can get the best deal every time.
For hashrate-eligible trades, you'll earn trade mining rewards and compound interest (as long as you do not claim your trading rewards).

How does Split Order Outperform the Previous Version of Pandora Swap?

To illustrate the power of split order, let's consider our example: a trader is swapping 10,000 BNB into BUSD. Our smart order routing algorithm suggests that the best route to execute this transaction is through PancakeSwap, which offers a slippage rate of 3.42% and an output amount of 2,390,153.01 BUSD as shown in the graphic below.
Now, the same trade is being executed on, but with the help of split order, we can see that the trading order of 10,000 BNB has now been split into several smaller transactions, with 40% or 4,000 BNB being swapped into USDT via Biswap and PancakeSwap and then into BUSD via Wombat Exchange, and the other 60% or 6,000 BNB being swapped directly into BUSD via Biswap and PancakeSwap. This reduces the price impact to 1.69%, providing a higher final output: 10,000 BNB now equals 2,418,789.85 BUSD.

Benefits for Pandora's Traders

Trading with split order functionality can provide a multitude of advantages to our traders, including:
  • More advantageous trading prices
  • Access to an expanded range of liquidity
  • Time-saving & hassle-free
Note: Our split order feature is only applicable for trade orders worth $5,000 or above and does not support exact output swaps at the moment, please enter the input amount to enable this feature.

How to Split Your Trade Orders on

Visit website. Select “Swap” in the drop-down list from section “Trade”.
You will then be taken to our Swap page. Connect your wallet if you haven't done so.
Select the token pair you'd like to trade. In this tutorial, we take BUSD/BNB pair as an example.
Enter the amount of BUSD you want to swap for BNB. You can also choose the “Half” or “Max” shortcut and our system will automatically fill in the Input field with half or all of your available BUSD balance.
After entering the desired input amount, Pandora Swap will calculate and suggest you the optimal execution option.
In the Comparison tab, you will be able to see a list of different DEXs with their output amount. This represents the actual price you will get if your trade is only executed through that specific exchange.
In the order below, Pandora will provide the best price while the other exchanges show lower outputs, particularly Defibox with a significant 57% difference.
Click "Swap Now" to continue.
A window will pop up, showing you the details of your transaction. If your tokens are eligible for trading mining rewards, you’ll also see how many Hashrate Rewards you can receive from the trade.
Click "Confirm Swap" to proceed further.
Wait for a few moments until you're notified of "Swap Successful".