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How to Refer Friends to Pandora

Refer friends & earn a referral bonus equal to 5% of your friends' earnings.
Pandora Referral Program allows you to invite friends and earn a 5% commission from their earnings on Farms, Staking Pools, and Trade Mining.
Learn how to refer your friends via the step-by-step guide below.

Step 1:

Connect your wallet to Pandora's exchange page.
Detailed guidance on how to connect your wallet here.
Click "Generate Link" to generate your personal invitation link.
Click "Sign" to confirm.
That's all! Now you can get your personal invitation link & QR code at

Step 2:

Share your referral link/QR code with your friends.

Step 3:

Encourage your friends to farm, stake, and swap on Pandora via your referral link.
Share the following tips with your friends to help them better navigate the Pandora exchange:

Step 4:

Remind your friends to harvest their farming/staking/trade mining rewards.

Step 5:

As soon as your invitees harvest their earnings on farms, staking pools, or trade mining on, a bonus equal to 5% of their rewards will be automatically and instantly credited to your account.
Go to the Referral page to check your "Unclaimed Rewards", then click "Claim" to withdraw the rewards to your wallet.