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Making offers

Here's how to make offers.
Pandora NFT Marketplace allows buyers to give price offers for their favorite items. We hope to create an open market where everybody can buy NFTs with good deals with this feature. Below are the visual demonstrations on how to start bidding on Pandora NFT Marketplace.


  1. 1.
    Go to the Marketplace page. Browse and find your wanted items. Check their price, APR, and daily Mining Power to decide on your purchase.
2. Go to the item's info page by clicking it.
3. On the item's page, click "Make Offer" to continue. You might take a look at the previous offers by other users for reference.
4. Type down the price you would like to offer. The price can be higher or lower than the initial price. Note that the currency is set by the seller and it's non-negotiable.
The number used in this illustration is not suggesting a certain price for Pandora's NFTs.
5. Click "Enable" to proceed. Confirm the transaction on your wallet as well.
6. The "Confirm" button will light up. Click it to continue. Don't forget to confirm on your wallet!
7. After a short wait, you will see your offer shown on the Buy Offers list.
Your offer is also shown on the Bidding page. Go to the "Manage Sales" page then click "Bidding".
Click "Cancel Bidding" if you want to take back the price offer.
Now, wait for the item's owner to accept your bidding.
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