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How to sell on PandoMarket

A tutorial on selling on PandoMarket.

Listing NFTs on PandoraMarket

1. Open the Inventory page.
2. Locate yourself to the item you want to list on PandoMarket using the tabs and selection bar.
3. Once you have selected the selling item, click "Sell" to continue.
If you want to look into the item's further details, click anywhere on its image. You will be directed to its information page.
After checking the details, click "Sell" to continue.
4. The "Sell DroidBot/PandoBox" pops up. Choose the currency you want to sell the item with first by clicking the selection bar on your right.
Type down the price for this item. Your actual revenue is 5% less than the offering price as sellers must pay the commission fee.
The number used in this illustration is not suggesting a certain price for Pandora's NFTs.
5. When you are ready, click "Confirm" to proceed. Your wallet will ask you to confirm as well.
6. Your item is listed on the PandoMarket!

Manage Sales

On Pandora's exchange, go to PandoMarket, then click "Manage Sales" to check your listed NFTs.
If your item is sold, you will find the item unavailable on the "Your Listing" page as well as on your Inventory, and your wallet balance is updated.
On the "Your Listing" page, click anywhere on the item that needs adjustment to go to its information page.
You can choose to adjust the selling price or take the item down from PandoMarket. Click "Edit Price" or "Cancel selling".

Edit price

Please note that the currency is not adjustable.
After clicking "Edit Price", this window pops up. Make price changes by typing down the new price for the item.
Click "Confirm" to continue. Confirm this on your wallet as well.
The price is updated, check it now on Your Listing page.

Cancel selling

A window will pop up, asking for your confirmation. Click "Confirm" to continue, then confirm with your wallet as well.
See your item on your Inventory page.
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