More than just about decentralized finance, Pandora is proud to present an artful space that any aesthetician can adore.
PandoGallery is a decentralized, fine art space showcasing tier-based, limited, and free-to-mint NFT collections created by Pandora in collaboration with artists, brands, and partners, or in celebration of special occasions, such as Christmas, New Year, Pandora’s birthday, to name a few.
Go to Pandora.Digital. On the menu bar, click More, then select "PandoGallery".
A list of collections is displayed. Choose one. For example: Pandora X Alpaca NFTs collection
Click "Connect Wallet" to check whether you are eligible to mint the selected collection.
Choose the type of wallet you'd like to connect to Pandora.
If this is the first time you're trying to connect your wallet to Pandora, you'll be asked to give our Dapp permission to retrieve your wallet address. This is a prerequisite for interacting with our platform.
Select the account(s) you want to connect to Pandora, then click "Next".
Click "Connect" to proceed further.
Please wait while the connection is being established.
After having successfully connected your wallet to Pandora, you'll see whether or not you're qualified for minting the selected NFT collection.
If the status "You are NOT eligible" is displayed as shown in the picture below, meaning you're not qualified for minting.
If the status "You are eligible" is displayed under any collection tier, meaning you are eligible for minting an NFT of that respective tier.
Each collection is commonly classified into 4 rarity tiers: Legendary, Epic, Rare, and Common. Each tier has its own eligibility requirements.
Make sure you're well familiar with each collection's terms and conditions for minting NFTs.
Users can generally visit PandoGallery to check their eligibility for a new collection before it is officially open for minting. There is a countdown timer in the top right corner to help you keep track of how much time remains until the release of a new NFT collection.
As soon as minting is allowed, you can go to PandoGallery to claim your NFT.
The display shows the countdown until the end time
Click "Claim Now", allow connection to your wallet, and wait a moment.
After you've successfully claimed your NFT, the button will turn into "Claimed".
You can go to Inventory/Limited NFTs to check and manage all the NFTs you've successfully minted from limited-edition collections on PandoGallery.
When the status "Out of stock" appears under a tier, it means all the NFTs belonging to that tier have been fully claimed and you can no longer be able to claim any NFT from the respective tier.
Pandora's limited-edition NFT collections are generally given out to whitelisted users on a first-come, first-served basis. If you are whitelisted for minting a collection, make sure to claim your NFT as soon as possible before it runs out.
If you see the status "Finished" displayed under a collection, that means the minting period of that collection is over and you are no longer able to claim any NFT from the respective collection, even if you are eligible.
Join us on our journey towards financial independence for all.
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