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Opening PandoBoxes V1.0

Open a PandoBox, get a DroidBot.
1. Craft a PandoBox. Following the steps of crafting in the PandoBoxes section.
2. Go to "Inventory - PandoBoxes"
3. Find your PandoBox on the list. You can find it by its level. Unlock it by clicking "Unlock".
Confirm the transaction on your wallet.
4. Wait for the PandoBox to be unlocked for about 5 seconds.
"Open Now" button will light up. Click it to continue.
When you open a PandoBox, you will receive Jackpot tickets. If you don't open the PandoBox in a predetermined period, these tickets will be burned, thus lowering your chance to win our Jackpot, so make sure you open the PandoBox on time!
5. A pop-up window will appear with a probability table for the ratio at which the Droidbot's level can be obtained. See the current Mega Jackpot prize worth as well. When you are ready, hit "Confirm and Open".
Confirm this transaction on your wallet as well.
6. Flip the card to reveal your DroidBot. Your Jackpot tickets upon this PandoBox opening session are also disclosed on the top of the card.
7. You have successfully obtained a DroidBot! Check the DroidBot you collected by going to "Inventory" - "DroidBot."
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