PandoBoxes are Pandora's NFTs.
PandoBoxes are classified into 6 levels (from L-1 to L-6).
PandoBox's drop rates are as follows:
Drop rate
PandoBox L-1
PandoBox L-2
PandoBox L-3
PandoBox L-4
PandoBox L-5
PandoBox L-6
PandoBox is designed to be deflationary because at launch, the maximum allowable number of PandoBoxes that can be minted per day is limited to 800.
This number shall decrease by 10% every 30 days onwards.
Own your PandoBoxes right away:
Since 20 June 2022, the max allowed number of boxes that can be crafted each day has been cut to 720.

What are the latest changes in Crafting & Opening PandoBoxes V2.0 compared to Crafting & Opening Boxes V1.0?

Craft & open 1 PandoBox at a time
Craft & open up to 10 PandoBoxes at once
Payment options (per box):
1000 PAN (800 PAN burned and 200 PAN converted to PSR then burned)
800 PAN + X PSR equal to 200 PAN at the time of crafting (800 PAN & X PSR burned)
1000 PAN (999,9 PAN burned and 0,1 PAN converted to PSR then burned) (Updated on 1 June 2022)
Payment options (per box):
  1. 1.
    Pay 1000 PAN (1000 PAN burned)
2. Pay 800 PAN + X PSR equal to 200 PAN at the time of crafting (800 PAN & X PSR burned)
The total gas units needed to craft 1 PandoBox are 574,231. Check proof here.
More specifically:
The total gas units required to craft 10 PandoBoxes at once are 1,444,736. That's 144,474/box.
Check proof here. Users can save up to 75% on gas fees compared to V1.0 if crafting PandoBoxes in bulk.
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