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NFT Security Life Cycle

An NFT Security life cycle includes 3 stages: Initial NFT Security Offering, Pre-maturity, and Maturity.

Initial NFT Security Offering

Initial NFT Security Offering refers to the date (“Batch Release Date”) when a batch of NFT Securities is first made available for public purchase. Investors can purchase NFT Securities directly on from this date onwards, freely deciding how much they’d like to invest.
Each batch offers a limited number of NFT Securities, available in 5 different nominations: $100, $500, $1,000, $5,000, and $10,000. For more details on how to mint NFT Securities, read this step-by-step guide: How To Mint NFT Securities From Pandora
After having been successfully minted, NFT Security(ies) will be sent directly to the buyer’s wallet address.


Pre-maturity, also known as Interest Duration, refers to the period during which interest is constantly paid out to NFT Security holders. Unlike traditional securities that pay interest at regular intervals, such as quarterly, biannually, or annually, Pandora‘s NFT Securities pay investors interest on every successfully mined and validated block. Interest on NFT Securities can be claimed at any time during the pre-maturity period.
During this period, it’s up to each investor to decide how to handle their investment.

1. Hold until maturity

If you're not looking to sell or redeem your NFT Securities early, you can keep them until the maturity date and enjoy the interest. Additionally, if you're holding VIP NFT Securities (face value of $1,000 or above), you can stake them in the Incentive Staking Pool and earn a notably high APR. This way, you can earn dual profits from both your NFT Securities and the staking pool.

2. Sell on P2P Marketplace

If there is no longer a need to hold NFT Securities, investors can sell their holdings on Pandora's Peer-to-Peer Marketplace.
  • NFT Securities will continue to generate interest for its holders while being listed on the marketplace. If an NFT Security has been successfully purchased by an investor via the P2P marketplace, any interest that hadn’t been claimed prior to the purchase will belong to its new holder.
  • If an NFT Security is being staked in the Incentive Staking Pool, you must first unstake it, then you can list it on the marketplace for sale.

3. Early Redeem

During the interest duration, if investors no longer wish to hold their NFT Securities or if they’re in need of funds for alternative investments or emergency expenses, they can always cash in their NFT Securities at any time prior to their maturity date to obtain their principal back.
However, Pandora will apply a small penalty equal to 10% of the face value of each NFT Security that is redeemed early; this fee shall be deducted directly from the repayment.


When an NFT Security matures , it can be redeemed without incurring any deductions/penalties and the issuer must repay the original value of the NFT Security to its holder, any unclaimed interest shall also be automatically credited to the holder’s wallet address.
Important: you must manually cash in your NFT Security when it reaches maturity to receive its full face value.
To comprehend the key terms of NFT Security: NFT Security Dictionary.