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NFT Security Dictionary

Key terms of Pandora NFT Securities you need to know.
Pandora NFT Security is the new frontier for investors.
With its impending release, there are many terms to learn and understand that will help you take full advantage of this revolutionary investment opportunity!
We’ve compiled a glossary of key phrases for those who want to get started with this unmatched type of decentralized investment!


APR: Calculated by dividing total value (in USD) of all the tokens allocated to this staking pool as annual rewards by total value (in USD) of all the NFT Securities currently being staked.

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1. Earning Duration: the number of days left until an NFT Security matures
2. Est. Annual Return: Includes fixed interest and staking rewards realized during one year.


1. Face Value (Issue Price, Par Value): the original cost of an NFT Security at issuance, as stated on the NFT Security itself. Face value also indicates the amount to be returned by the issuer to the investor on its maturity date.
For example, if you minted an NFT Security from Pandora for $1,000, its face value is $1,000 and you will be repaid this exact same amount of investment on its maturity date


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1. Interest Duration: the predetermined length of time during which interest is paid on an NFT Security (from the Interest Start Date to the Maturity Date).
2. Interest Start Date: The date when an NFT Security starts earning interest. It is also the start day of the Interest Duration.
3. Interest Rate: the fixed interest rate of an NFT Security predetermined by Pandora

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1. Maturity: The date when the NFT Security issuer must repay the original NFT Security value to its holder. It is also the last day of the Earning Duration. To get the principal amount back, the holder must first redeem his or her NFT Security.
2. Maximum Interest Rate: the maximum allowable fixed interest rate you can earn on an NFT Security, as pre-specified by Pandora.
3. Minimum Interest Rate: the minimum allowable fixed interest rate you can earn on an NFT Security, as pre-specified by Pandora.
4. Mint Date: The date when an NFT Security is successfully minted from Pandora by a user.

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1. ROI (Return On Investment): A performance metric used to evaluate profitability of an NFT Security, relative to its cost. Investors can use this metric to compare the efficiency of different NFT Security investments.
Total Fixed Interest Earned = Interest Rate / Interest Duration * Issue Price * Earning Duration
ROI = (Issue Price+ Total Fixed Interest Earned) / Sale Price on Marketplace - 1

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VIP NFT Security: debt securities with high face value ($1,000 or above) that pay investors regular interest and can be staked in Incentive Staking Pool to earn rewards.

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