How to Redeem NFT Securities

You can redeem your NFT Securities & receive your principal back anytime.
Users can redeem their NFT Securities early to get their principal back. However, there will be a penalty fee of 10% worth of the face value of the NFT Security. This fee is deducted directly from the NFT Security's face value upon repayment.
Users who redeem their NFT Securities at maturity or later will not be subject to paying penalty fees.

How to redeem NFT Securities prematurely?

Go to On the menu bar, select "NFT Securities" tab.
Then you will be taken to Go ahead and click "Portfolio".
Your current portfolio will show up. Choose "Early Redeem".
A selection window will pop up. Select specific NFT Securities by checking the box next to each item or select all of them by checking the box on top of them.
After having selected, click “Early Redeem”.
A window will pop up, asking you to check and confirm your early redemption request. Go through all the details one more time, then click “Redeem”.
Confirm the transaction in your wallet. You’ll be notified of the successful submission of your redemption request afterwards.
You can check your redemption history and the status of your redemption requests in the “Redemptions” section.

How to redeem NFT Securities at maturity?

Go to Portfolio, select “All Items” and click “Redeem now”.
A Pending pop-up will display. Wait a second.
Confirm the transaction in your wallet.