How to Navigate NFT Securities P2P Marketplace

Get your way around NFT Securities peer-to-peer marketplace.

What is Pandora NFT Securities P2P Marketplace?

Pandora Security P2P Marketplace is a borderless, peer-to-peer marketplace where users can trade NFT Securities at their own price, anytime, anywhere, and no KYC required.
Sellers are to bear a commission fee equal to 2% of the transaction value.
BUSD is currently accepted for payments on NFT Securities P2P Marketplace.

How to buy NFT Securities on Marketplace

Visit On the menu bar, select "NFT Securities" tab.
You will be transferred to Select "Marketplace" to continue.
Our advanced filter enables you to sort all listings by price range, issue price, earning duration, ROI, and maturity amongst other relevant criteria.
You can click on the NFT itself to gain access to all relevant financial metrics associated with that NFT Security.
Once you’ve decided, click "Buy now" to proceed.
Check the details of your purchase then click “Purchase”.
To complete the purchase process, confirm the transaction from your wallet.
That’s it! You’ll be notified once your purchase is completed. You can check your new purchase in the Portfolio section or start staking your newly bought NFT Security to earn high yield right away.

How to make offers to buy

You can offer to buy an NFT Security at your own price. To make an offer, click on the NFT Security you wish to purchase.
On its info page, click "Make Offer" to start out. In the “Offers” section, you can consult all the offers previously made by other users.
Type in the price you would like to offer. The bid price can be higher or lower than the listing price.
Click "Offer now" to proceed further. You’ll need to confirm the transaction in your wallet as well.
After a short wait, your offer will be created. You can now see it in the Offers section.

How to list NFT Securities for sale on P2P Marketplace​

Go to Portfolio. In the “All Items” section, you can see all the NFT Securities that belong to you.
Click on the asset you want to list on the marketplace. You will be directed to its info page. Click "Sell NFT" to continue.
A window will pop up, asking you to enter your offer price.
Type in your desired sale price for this item. Sellers have to pay a commission fee of 2%, which will be automatically deducted from your asking price once your item is successfully sold.
After having entered your ask price, click "Sell NFT Security" to proceed. Your wallet will ask you to confirm the action.
You'll be notified if your asset has been successfully listed on the marketplace for sale.

Accept & reject offers to buy

Go to Portfolio. In the "Offers" section, then click "Received", you can see all the purchase offers.
Choose the purchase offer that suits you most, and then confirm your acceptance by clicking the V button.
You can also reject the purchase offer by pressing X.

How to manage your sales

Keep track of all your listings in one place. All your listed NFT Secutiries are displayed on the "On sales" tab of the “Portfolio” section.
On the "On sales" section, click anywhere on the item that you want to adjust the ask price.
You can modify the selling price by clicking "Edit price".
If you no longer wish to list an NFT Security on the marketplace, you can always take it down by clicking "Cancel selling".

Edit Price

After clicking "Edit Price", the “Edit Price” window will pop up. Type in the new price for the selected item.
Hit "Confirm" afterwards, then confirm this action from your wallet as well. You’ll be notified once the price is updated.

Cancel selling

On the info page of the selected NFT Security, choose “Cancel selling”.
A window will pop up, asking if you want to remove your item from the marketplace.
Click "Delist" or "Remove from Sale" to continue, then confirm with your wallet as well.
You'll be asked to confirm the action in your wallet.