How To Mint NFT Securities From Pandora

Let's take advantage of decentralized finance and start earning the best passive income in the bear market.
When the market is rough, it's hard to find investments that will earn you a profit, but Pandora NFT Securities might be just what your portfolio needs! These tempting investment vehicles offer a chance at great returns with extremely low risk.
This step-by-step tutorial will show you how to buy an NFT Security from Pandora.
Visit On the menu bar, select "NFT Securities" tab.
You will be redirected to Connect your wallet to proceed.
Select "Investment" on the menu bar, then you will see a variety of NFT Security options to choose from.
NFT Securities are available at 5 different face values: $100; $500; $1,000; $5,000; and $10,000. Feel free to opt for any option that best fits your budget, your financial goals, and your risk tolerance.
There is the VIP label under all NFT Securities with a face value worth $1,000 or above. The pro rata fixed interest rate indicates the amount of fixed interest that still can be earned on an NFT Security until a specific maturity date and is displayed underneath each type of NFT Security.
The earliest maturity date is selected by default.
You can browse through other maturity dates in the drop-down list to compare earning durations, total APRs, and estimated returns associated with different maturity dates.
Just simply select the type of NFT Security, its maturity date, and the quantity you prefer, our system will automatically calculate the following investment metrics for you.
Once you’ve finished, click "Invest Now".
A window will pop up, displaying your order details. Check them carefully, then choose "Approve".
Your wallet will ask for your signature. Choose "Sign" to continue.
Double check your order and select "Purchase Now".
Confirm the transaction in your wallet and allow it to be processed in a few seconds. When this message displays, congratulations, you have officially owned Pandora NFT Securities!