How to Earn with Incentive Staking Pool

In addition to earning a fixed rate of interest on their investment, holders of VIP NFT Securities (face value of $1,000 or above) will be able to stake their holdings to earn staking rewards.

What is Incentive Staking Pool?

Incentive Staking Pool enables VIP NFT Securities holders to stake their securities in return for staking rewards.
Currently, there’s one Incentive Staking Pool that pays out 25,000 PSR in rewards to NFT Security stakers from 23 November 2022 at 7:00 AM UTC until 22 January 2023 at 7:00 AM UTC.

Which NFT Securities are considered VIP?

Any NFT Security with a face value of $1,000 or above.

How to Stake VIP NFT Securities?

1. Go to homepage. Select "NFT Securities" on the menu bar.
2. You will then be taken to Select "Staking" tab.
3. You are now in the Staking section. Scroll down and look for an active “Incentive Staking Pool” in the “Active” tab, then hit “Stake Now” to start staking.
4. The selection window will pop up.
Select the NFT Securities you want to stake. The earning rate per day on each NFT Security is displayed paralelly.
5. Once you are done selecting, click "Stake Now" to continue. 6. Confirm the action in your wallet.
You’ll get notified if your NFT Security has been staked successfully.
The total value of your staked NFT Securities will be displayed as follows:
You can also switch to the “My Staked” tab to keep track of all your past and current stakes.

How to Unstake NFT Securities?

If an NFT Security is being staked, it can't be redeemed or traded on the NFT Security P2P Marketplace. To unstake an NFT Security, you must first unstake it following these guidelines.
1. Go to From the menu bar, choose "Staking", then click the minus "-" symbol.
2. Select the NFT Security(ies) you want to remove from the Incentive Staking Pool, then click “Unstake"
3. You’ll be asked to confirm this action from your wallet. Please note that unstaking your NFT Securities will result in your staking earnings being reduced. Click “Confirm” to continue.
You’ll be notified if your NFT Security has been successfully unstaked.

How to Claim Staking Rewards?

1. On the active staking pool where your NFT Securities are being staked, click the "Claim" button to withdraw PSR rewards to your wallet.
You’ll be asked to confirm the transaction from your wallet.
Click “Confirm” to proceed further.
4. You’ll be notified once your staking rewards have been successfully claimed. Don’t forget to check your wallet balance afterwards!