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Importing Pools

At Pandora, the amount of pools is limitless.
Pandora allows liquidity and their matching LP tokens that are paired up with the tokens that are supported on Pandora. Regardless, with the Importing Pools function, users can now manage their favored pools that are outside of Pandora's scope.
Pools importing is made available for EVERYONE, giving users the experience of a permissionless AMM-based decentralized exchange.
Go to Pandora's Liquidity page. On the "Your Liquidity" section, click "Import It" to start customizing your own pool.
In this article, we will use BNB/DAI as an example.
You will be directed to the Import Pool page.
Choose the token pair for this liquidity pool by clicking the selection bar. A list of tokens will pop up.
If your token is not listed here, paste the token's contract address on the search bar. In this case, DAI is not available on the list, therefore we will import DAI as a demonstration.
Please be cautious when finding the token's contract address. We recommend going to the token generators' official documents or using BscScan.
If the contract address is correct, Pandora will be able to detect the token right away. Check the ticker, then click "Import" to continue.
Please read our reminder thoroughly. Once you understand the terms clearly, check the box "I understand", then proceed by clicking "Import".
You will be directed back to the Import Pool page. BNB/DAI pool cannot be found, meaning that nobody has imported this pool to Pandora before. Click "Create Pool" to be the pool creator.
You will be the first liquidity provider to this pool, giving you the right to set the initial price of this pool.
Follow up on our guides on providing liquidity here:
Read the pool's details carefully. Once you're ready, click "Create Pool & Supply".
Confirm the amount of LP Tokens you will receive and the pool's details, then confirm on your wallet as well.
After a short wait, the liquidity pool will be updated in the "Your Liquidity" section. Enjoy trading on this pool with your fellows!
Join us on our journey towards financial independence for all.
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