Liquidity Pools

Learn more about how the Pandora DEX allows users to deposit liquidity to our smart contract and earn in exchange.


Liquidity providing has been a common concept amongst DeFi lovers, where users can add their tokens to liquidity pools and receive LP tokens.
Users can withdraw their liquidity contribution by removing LP tokens, and they will receive the original token pair back.
Before adding liquidity, make sure that your available token pair is consistent with the token ratio in which you want to become a provider.
Gain more by mastering our liquidity pools today.

Impermanent Loss

Liquidity providers’ funds are known to expose to impermanent loss. In an attempt to mitigate this temporary loss, which later can become long-term if price slippage is significant, Pandora offers PAN token rewards for users staking their LP tokens on PandoFarms.
Join us on our journey towards financial independence for all.
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