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How to participate in an IDO

There will be 3 pools and 5 stages for every IDO project that launches on Pandora Launchpad.
Different pools, different options for investors to secure your IDO slots.
Reserved Pool
Fair Launch Pool
Available for the whitelisted wallet addresses that are set up by the PandoTeam.
Available for those who achieve the milestones including Average Daily PSR Staked and Average Daily Hashrate (based on the projects) and win a whitelist lottery spot.
Limited slots left AFTER the Registration round will be open for the public to buy without any conditions.
Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3
Stage 4
Stage 5
Users will need to Stake PSR and Trade on Pandora Dapp to meet the required Average Daily PSR Staked and Average Daily Hashrate. Pandora will calculate and snapshot those numbers until the Registration phase comes.
Average Daily PSR Staked = Total PSR Staked within a day/ Total preparation days
For example, if Project X’s Fair Launch round starts at 15:00 on 21/3 and closes at 15:00 on 25/3.
The Average Daily Hashrate is calculated using a similar formula.
This calculating procedure is used to determine who are eligible to participate in the Fair Launch pool. If your wallet address is on the Reserved list, you may skip this step and wait until the next stage is activated.
Eligible users in the Reserved and Fair Launch pool will register and make a pre-purchase deposit to secure their slots
The system will calculate and randomly pick the names of the lucky participants from the registration list to be the IDO owners. When the number of pool subscribers exceeds the maximum number of IDO slots, Chainlink VRF technology is applied to determine the winners.
FCFS (First come, first served)
In this round, tokens are available for public participants to buy, without any conditions, on an FCFS basis.
Users can receive project's tokens, if purchased successfully, according to each project's vesting schedule.



  1. 1.
    Go to, choose "Earn" on the menu bar, then select "Launchpad"
2. Scroll down to see ongoing or upcoming IDO projects
3. Click to choose the project that you want to invest in. Then you will see the project information as follow.
4. Connect your wallet to see whether or not you are eligible to join the Reserved pool
If you see the status “On whitelist”, congratulations, you are on the Reserved List
If you are not whitelisted in the Reserved pool, you can stake PSR and trade on to join the Fair Launch Pool.
5. Click “Stake PSR” or “Trade now” to start.
Please be aware that:
  • Each person in the Reserved list has only 1 IDO slot. If you want to buy more slots, you can join the Fair Launch pool or wait for the FCFS (First Come, First Served) round
  • 200 BUSD is just an example and would be subjected to change based on the projects


  1. 1.
    For those who are eligible to join Reserved Pool, click to choose “Commit 200 BUSD”
2. Click “Confirm & Commit” to process the transaction
2. For those who are eligible to join Fair Launch Pool, click the button “Register and Commit 200 BUSD”
3. Choose “Approve BUSD" to pay funds


Go to the Launchpad page to check your Average Daily PSR Staked and Average Daily Hashrate.
If you achieve the required Average Daily PSR Staked, Average Daily Hashrate and win the lottery, you will be able to commit funds to secure your IDO slot.
Unless, you will see the statement "You are not eligible". You will be able to claim your money back in the next round.


  1. 1.
    Click “Commit to buy more PJX”, then click “Approve BUSD"
If you are not lucky enough to buy IDO from the Fair Launch Pool, you can use your deposit to buy tokens in the FCFS pool or click “Redeem” to get your money back.


  1. 1.
    Click “Claim” to get your token allocation
If you forget to get your deposit back in the FCFS round, you can redeem it in this Distribution period.
If you want to view your funded project or check the vesting schedule, choose “Launchpad" on the menu bar, then select “Dashboard”
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