Bringing emerging blockchain projects to the front end of innovation of DeFi, Metaverse, and all things Web3.
Pandora is more than just a DEX, it is an actual decentralized ecosystem that boasts a robust IDO launchpad that nurtures and incubates enterprise blockchain startups with an emphasis on GameFi, DeFi, Metaverse, and NFT projects.
"After months of tireless work to create a comprehensive and flawless IDO launching platform, our team is overjoyed to see Pandora Launchpad is now up and running. The number of projects that have applied to launch on our platform has surpassed our expectations. Our crypto-veterans team is working hard to finalise the list of high-potential projects to show you. So, stay tuned for more surprises!"
– Pandora's CEO, Mika Germani, shared during a public AMA session.

We apply the value-added approach to maximize both projects' and investors’ benefits

Where you can find great early-stage investment opportunities with a bundle of IDOs & INOs before they skyrocket.
  • Provide high-quality blockchain-based project pool selected by crypto experts
  • Ensure equal investment opportunities thanks to the random token allocation mechanism
  • Create an easy-to-use Dapp that fits with both new and experienced investors
  • Provide transparent fundraising experience by applying verified technology and audited smart contract
We envision and tackle major challenges faced by emerging blockchain startups and maximize their chances of success.
  • Comprehensive and long-term support throughout Pre-IDO/INO, IDO/INO, and post-IDO/INO
  • Direct and exclusive access to the latest technological knowledge, tools, connections, go-to-market resources (sales, seeding, digital ads, PR, and marketing enablement, etc.), and other benefits
  • A seamless, transparent, and effective fundraising process grounded on profound industrial experience and cutting-edge technology
  • Widespread visibility and exposure to Pandora’s global user base and community.
Join us on our journey towards financial independence for all.
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Beware of fake accounts impersonating Pandora. We will NEVER text you first and ask for your private keys or individual information.