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Updates to Jackpot V2.0

The PandoTeam always strives for your satisfaction. The updated version of Pandora Jackpot is here to prove it.

1. UI/UX Updates: More user-friendly & more informative

Compared to the previous version, the revamped version of Jackpot V2.0 will include the following new updates:

Push notifications of the latest purchases

Users will be informed of the most recent ticket purchases. This notification will pop up on the top left corner of the website then automatically disappear after 10 seconds if there are no other new records.

Total number of lottery tickets sold for the current day

The total number of lottery tickets sold for the current day is displayed beneath the "Buy Tickets" button.

Jackpot Pool

The total value of the Jackpot Pool is now displayed parallel to the total prize pool of the current round (Mega Jackpot + Minor Jackpot + Mini Jackpot) on the flashing board situated above the countdown timer.

Improved “History” interface

The refreshed Jackpot V2.0 also incorporates an improved interface of the formerly so-called History section, divided into 3 separate tabs: Results, Your History, and Your Tickets (previously this section contained only 2 tabs, which were "All History" and "Your History").
In this tab, you may view the lottery results from the most recent drawing. The round navigator in the top right hand corner allows you to see prior rounds as well.
Your History
Here, you can find information about the rounds for which you bought tickets in the past, such as prizes, round status, ticket number, and more.

Your Tickets

You can keep track of all your tickets' statuses and draw results in "Your Tickets"
  • All winning tickets and the prizes won are displayed on top of the section.
  • No-win tickets are shown in gray.
  • In-progress tickets are shown in blue.
The Round Navigator (hidden by default) appears in the upper right corner when the "Your Tickets" or "Result" tab are chosen.

Obtaining lottery tickets is now just a few clicks away

2. User can now purchase up to 100 tickets in one single transaction

Previously, users were only capable of obtaining a maximum of 20 tickets per transaction. This limit has now been raised to 100 tickets at a time.
The dedicated builders are all here to carry out a futuristic system for the community! Any update is the most unequivocal evidence of our non-stop progress.