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Purchase tickets

More tickets, more chances of winning.
In particular, in this updated version, you will be able to buy up to 20 PandoTickets in PAN tokens, and feel free to select your "lucky number" on your ticket.
Go to Pandora.Digital. On the menu bar, select "Win", then click "Jackpot".
If you are new to Jackpot, click “View Rules” to explore how it works.
How are Jackpot prizes distributed?
  • In addition to 10% of the total supply of PSR, 20% of swap fees, and 20% of PandoMarket commissions, all the PAN proceeds from ticket sales will be allocated to the Total Prize Pool (the “Pool”) to fund the jackpot prizes.
  • There are 3 types of jackpot prizes – Mega (25% of the Pool), Minor (0.5% of the Pool), and Mini (0.075% of the Pool). In each round, there are 2 Mega winning numbers, 2 Minor winning numbers, and 4 Mini winning numbers.
You can see your ticket numbers and how much time you have left before your results are announced. The countdown timer can be seen on the Jackpot page.
The "Buy Tickets" buttons will be displayed in various places on the page to optimize the user experience with Jackpot. Click "Buy Tickets" to buy PandoTicket.
The popup to buy tickets will appear. If there is a promotion, "Bonus Ticket" will display information. Follow Pandora Announcement so as not to miss any Pandora events.
Select the number of ticket packages you want to buy from the available packages of 5, 10, 15, and 20 or enter the number of tickets as your need, then click "Approve".
Click "Buy Instantly" to buy a ticket with a sequence of random numbers.
Or click "View/Edit Numbers" so you can customize the sequence of numbers to your liking.
Click on the numbers you want to customize to edit, then click "Confirm and buy" to buy tickets.
Wait a moment for the system to process your order.
Click "View your tickets" to review tickets you have purchased.
Also, users can get free PandoTickets when they open PandoBox or upgrade DroidBot. Users receive a certain number of PandoTickets corresponding to the level of the PandoBox opened or that of the material DroidBot.
If you are the winning ticket owner, "Claim your winnings" will announce your prizes. Click "Claim Prize" to receive your reward.

How to check the Jackpot prizes in previous rounds?

Scroll a bit down to check out the prize. Click "Results", then in the "Round" frame, select the round you want to check by using the arrows to direct you to previous rounds.
To check the number of tickets you have purchased in each round and the status of the tickets, click "Your History".
At "Tickets", click "...(view)". The number of tickets you buy in a round will be detailed here.
You can see your ticket number in each round and its information.
Click "Your Tickets" and all the tickets you have purchased for the upcoming round will be displayed here. In the box "Ticket number" enter the ticket number you want to find. The status will be updated when the round starts.
You can come back to the "Result" page to see whether you've won the Jackpot.
If you already missed the announcement, don't worry because all information is tracked and can be checked again at any time in "Your History".
In the case that your ticket is not selected as a winner, you still have other opportunities to win by being in the top 50 on the Leaderboard of the 30-day daily trade mining hash rate.
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