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How to win Jackpot

The Mega Jackpot or Minor Jackpot can be won by opening a PandoBox or upgrading the tier of a Droidbot.
After breaking open a PandoBox or merging DroidBots, you will receive Mega and Minor Tickets.
These tickets are valid right after you receive them for the upcoming round. Click here for more details about Jackpot Rounds.
On the menu bar, click "Jackpot" to go to Pandora's Jackpot page.
You can see your ticket numbers and how much time you have left before your results are announced.
The countdown timer can be seen on the Jackpot page.
Scroll a bit down to the "Finished Rounds" sections. The current round's not revealed yet. Click "Your History" to see your tickets.
Click "View" on the corresponding round to proceed.
Both Mega and Minor Tickets are shown here, click on their title to switch between the tabs. You can see the ticket number and its status.
Later, you can come back to the result page to see if you've won the Jackpot. If you already missed the announcement, don't worry because all information is tracked and can be accessed anytime. Just use the arrows to direct to previous rounds.
Your ticket's status is also updated in the "Your History" section.
In the event that your ticket is not selected as a winner, you still have other opportunities to win by being in the top 50 on the Leaderboard of the 30-day daily trade mining hash rate.
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