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Claiming Jackpot prize

The winner takes all!
Congratulations! It doesn't matter if you were lucky or you worked very hard to achieve the Jackpot prize, you are still the winner!
It's time to claim your prize.
  1. 1.
    Go to Jackpot page.
2. You will see your rewards for every round at the top of the page. Click "Claim prize" then confirm the transaction on your wallet. After a short wait, check your balance to see our gift to you!
3. If you don't see these announcements on the page, it means you haven't won any rounds. Try your luck again by opening a PandoBox or merging your available DroidBots.
If you don't claim your prize 14 days after your winning is noted on the system, your winning ticket will be burnt, thus shutting you out from claiming your prize. Make sure you visit our Jackpot page once in a while not to miss any chance!
Join us on our journey towards financial independence for all.
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