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Inventory V1.0

A great base for your DroidBots and PandoBoxes.
Inventory is an effective tool to manage Pandora's NFTs that you own. It shows your DroidBots and PandoBoxes' information and gives you shortcuts to actions you can perform with these NFTs.
1. Open the Inventory page. From Pandora's exchange page, click "Inventory".
Choose "DroidBots" or "PandoBoxes" to continue.
2. You will see the Droidbot List.
3. Easily sort out DroidBots by staking status or by levels with the "Staked Only" switch and "All Levels" selection bar. The number indicates your total DroidBot.
4. You can start staking, upgrading, or selling the DroidBots right away with the shortcuts. Refer to the estimated earnings per day of the DroidBots.
5. Click on any of your DroidBots to see more details about it.
2. The PandoBoxes List should look like this.
3. Sort PandoBoxes with the level selection bar. The number is the total PandoBoxes you own.
4. You can see the quantity of the PandoBox at the same level. Start opening or selling them on PandoMarket right away using the shortcuts.
5. On the same interface, scroll down a bit to see "Open Box History", containing transaction details and the DroidBot that you got from the PandoBox opened.
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