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How to Connect Wallet

Here's how to connect your wallet.
Trust Wallet
1. Open Pandora's exchange page.
2. After logging in to your MetaMask wallet, click “Next” to proceed.
3. Click “Connect”. This will switch the selected network within Metamask to BSC mainnet.
4. Add the tokens you want to trade to your MetaMask wallet Click “Add Token”.
You can add other tokens to your MetaMask wallet in the same way. Now you can see PSR token in your token list.
1. Open Pandora's exchange page and click “Connect” in the top right corner.
2. Click “WalletConnect” to start the connection process. Currently, the “Trust Wallet” button only works when using the Trust Wallet browser.
3. A QR code will appear, which can be scanned using the Trust Wallet app. Go to “Settings” on the apps tab and click “WalletConnect”. Scan the QR code displayed on Pandora Digital and click “Connect” in Trust Wallet.
4. If you have successfully connected, Pandora Digital will show the header of your wallet ID in the top right corner.
Connect your wallet now:​