Another process of using decentralized finance to maximize returns: Get PAN rewards with PandoFarms.
With PandoFarms, liquidity providers can earn PAN token by staking their LP tokens. Pandorium (PAN) is highly utilized in Pandora, learn more about how you can make the most of your PAN rewards here!

Getting started

To participate in Farms, you will need some LP tokens first. These tokens can be acquired by providing liquidity to our liquidity pools.
While providing liquidity can give great rewards, users’ funds are known to expose to Impermanent Loss. It’s best to prepare yourself by learning about this common concept in DeFi. We disclose this article on Binance Academy for your reference.
You can unstake your LP tokens from farm pairs at any time.
The Farming pair you are going to enter must be compatible to the LP token that you own. Visit our farming page to see the available farming pairs on Pandora.
One way to decide your preferred option is by referring to the Farm's APR, APY, which indicates the reward that users may earn. An ROI Calculator that estimates the profit for your convenience is provided on Pandora's Exchange. Simply click the 🖩 symbol on the Farm pair that you are interested in.
The ROI Calculator will show up.
Type down the amount of staked LP token and use the time frame buttons indicating the staking time. The figure you type down is not limited by your balance and can be any number you like. Click "Max" to estimate your entire fund.
The estimated PAN rewards and ROI will show up at the bottom of the window. Click "Detail" to reveal APR and APY rates.
Once you have found the Farm you want to stake in, provide liquidity to the pair’s pool to obtain LP tokens.
Join PandoFarm to et PAN rewards RIGHT AWAY!
Join us on our journey towards financial independence for all.
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