NFT Staking V3.0

Take your NFT earning potential to the next level with NFT Staking V3.0!
Unlock exciting rewards with Pandora's upgraded NFT staking mechanism! Through two carefully crafted NFT staking pools - Common and Premium - users can access more exclusive benefits depending on their level of engagement within the platform.

Table of contents

What’s new?

In this upgraded staking version, Pandora's NFT staking pools are referred to as Mining Camps. There are 2 types of camps to choose from - Common and Premium - each with different qualification requirements and offering different benefits. To discover which camp best fits your DroidBot holdings, check out our breakdown in the table below.
Common Camp
Premium Camp
Required User Level
Any User Level
User Level 5 or above
Required DroidBot Level
Free staking slot
Slot unlocking fee
  • 1st slot: 50 PSR
  • 2th slot onwards: 1.2X preceding slot's fee
  • 1st slot: 75 PSR
  • 2nd slot onwards: 1.2X preceding slot's fee
  • 1st slot: 8,000 EXP
  • 2nd slot onwards: 1.2X preceding slot's fee
  • 1st slot: 12,000 EXP
  • 2nd slot onwards: 1.2X preceding slot's fee
Reward tokens
Learn how to level up & achieve user level 5:


  • Each DroidBot can be staked in one pool only.
  • DroidBots being staked in different pools cannot be combined to form staking combos. Meaning if you stake DroidBot L-1 & DroidBot L-2 in Common Pool and DroidBot L-3 in Premium Pool, that doesn't form a Bronze Combo.
  • All DroidBots currently being staked in V2.0 are automatically transferred to Common Camp in V3.0. If you wish to stake your DroidBots in the Premium Camp, and only if you've reached the requisite user level for the Premium Camp, you can simply unstake them from the Common Camp, then restake them in the Premium Camp.
  • All staking slots previously unlocked in V1.0 and V2.0 are automatically rolled over to V3.0 and can be used to stake DroidBots in Common Camp.
  • 100% PSR used to unlock staking slots in Common and Premium Camp will be burned. Learn more about our PSR burning mechanism here.
  • Your staking rewards in V2.0 are rolled over to V3.0. There is no need to claim your V2.0 staking rewards prior to the official deployment of V3.0.

Earn up to 5X rewards with DroidBot combos

Did you know that you can multiply your earnings on DroidBot staking by up to 5X? Check out how in the graphic below & start bulking up your staking!

How are NFT Staking reward pools funded & distributed in V3.0?

Explore the evolution of NFT Staking reward pools: from funding to distribution, we'll examine how these mechanisms have changed over time.

Old mechanism (V1.0 & 2.0)

New mechanism (V3.0)

How to stake DroidBots?

Go to Locate “NFT” tab on the menu bar, then click “NFT Staking”.
Connect your wallet to proceed.
If you don’t already have any DroidBots, click “Buy DroidBots” and you will be taken to PandoMarket to purchase one.
After that, select your intended camp then hit “Stake Now".
In this tutorial, we will demonstrate staking in a Common Camp.
Under “DroidBot Pool” tab, click on the "Plus" symbol to start staking.
Select the DroidBot(s) you want to stake. You can filter your available DroidBots by level. The estimated earnings are displayed in parallel with each DroidBot.
Once you’re done selecting, click “Stake Now” to stake your chosen DroidBot(s).
Confirm the transaction in your wallet. You'll be notified when your DroidBot(s) has(have) been successfully staked.

How to unstake DroidBots?

Go to the pool where your DroidBot(s) is/are being staked. Choose the "DroidBot Pool" tab then click “Unstake DroidBots”.
Select the DroidBot(s) you want to remove from staking, then click "Unstake".
Click "Confirm" to proceed further. Please note that unstaking DroidBot(s) will reduce your earnings on NFT Staking.
Wait for a few moments and your DroidBot(s) will be unstaked.
You can now list your DroidBots on PandoMarket for sale or upgrade then restake them for more rewards!

How to unlock staking slots?

In the "DroidBot Pool" section, select “Unlock Slot” to continue.
Check the fee you have to bear to unlock this slot then click “Approve”. The higher your user level, the less fee you'll have to pay for unlocking staking slots (learn more here).
Confirm the action by choosing “Unlock Slot”.
Your new staking slot has now been added to your account!

How to claim staking rewards?

Choose the pool from which you'd like to claim your staking rewards.
Select “Claim” to proceed.
Approve the signature request prompted from your wallet by choosing "Sign".
Next, you will be asked to confirm the transaction as well.
Your rewards have now been successfully claimed and you can click on the receipt notification to check the transaction on BscScan.
That’s how easy it is to claim your rewards! Keep staking your DroidBots and level up your User Level to earn even more.