NFT Staking V1.0

Set your DroidBots out for an adventure - Earn Pandora's revenue!
These NFTs are not going to just lie in there, aren't they? Stake them now to claim Pandora's revenue in BUSD. We will stake Pandora's DroidBot here as an example.
Every DroidBot has a unique mining power and reward rate. The higher the DroidBot's level, the higher the reward rate.

Staking NFTs

1. Open NFT Staking page. From Pandora's exchange page, go to "PandoVerse" then click "NFT Staking".
2. You will see the NFT staking interface. Click any slots to start staking.
Users are offered 4 free staking slots. Starting from 50 PSR for the 5th slot, users will have to pay a slot unlocking fee, and this fee will multiply by 1.2x every next slot.
Just click "Unlock Slot" if you want to stake more than 4 NFTs. Remember, the more NFTs you stake, the higher the BUSD rewards. Assemble the DroidBot pool to achieve the highest rewards rate from Pandora's protocol!
3. The selection window will pop up. Locate the DroidBot by its staking status or by its level.
Decide the DroidBot you want to stake. You can refer to each DroidBot's estimated BUSD rate.
4. Once you are ready, approve the NFT in your wallet, then click "Select" to continue.
5. Confirm the action on your wallet.
Done! You will see the staked NFT updated on the page.
​Stake now!​

Claiming BUSD rewards

1 . On the top of the NFT Staking page, refer to the details of Mine Power and your total profit.
2. If you're happy with your Mining Rewards, click the "Claim" button to send the BUSD rewards to your wallet.
3. Confirm the transaction in your wallet. Check your balance afterward!

Unstaking NFTs

A staked DroidBot can't be upgraded or traded on PandoMarket. If you want to make any changes to these DroidBots, unstake them first as instructed below.
1. On the Adventure page, find the DroidBot you want to remove from staking, then click "Unstake".
2. We will ask you to confirm this action. Please note that unstaking will reduce the total Mine Power.
Click "Confirm" to continue.
Your wallet will ask you to confirm as well.
3. After a short wait, you will find the DroidBot unstaked. Now give them an upgrade to maximize your profit, or list them on the market!
Join us on our journey towards financial independence for all.
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