How to Upgrade DroidBots V2.0

Check out this carefully crafted tutorial on how to upgrade DroidBots in version 2.0.
To upgrade, merge the Main DroidBot with a Material DroidBot of the same level or lower. After completing the upgrade process, Material DroidBot will be burned.
  1. 1.
    Go to Pandora.Digital. On the menu bar, select “NFT”.
  2. 2.
    On the “PandoVerse”, click “Upgrade DroidBots”.
You will see the Upgrade Level interface.
You can upgrade up to 10 DroidBots at one go. Enter the number of DroidBots that you want to level up in the quantity button.
3. To select the main DroidBot that you want to upgrade, click the "+" button or the "Select Main DroidBot" button.
A list of ready-to-be-upgraded DroidBots will appear. You can choose the DroiBot’s level that you want to upgrade by using the “All Level” selection bar.
4. Click “Select” to pick your DroidBot.
If you can't find your desired DroidBots, please make sure that your DroidBots are not being staked.
5. Continue selecting the material DroidBot by clicking the "+" button or the "Select Material" button.
The list of eligible DroidBots that can be used as Material will appear.
6. Click "Select" to pick Material DroidBot.
7. Once you’re ready. Click “Let's upgrade”.
In DroidBot Upgrade V2.0, the fee users need to pay for upgrading a DroidBot L-1 is 5 PSR. This fee will increase by 1,5 times for each next higher rank of the Main DroidBot.
Remember, regardless of the upgrade results, these paid-out PSR tokens will be immediately burned to reduce the total circulating supply of the token.
Learn more about PSR burning mechanism and the upgrading fees:
8. Click "Confirm" to approve the transaction and wait about 12 seconds for the DroidBots upgrade to be done.
9. Click “Check results”, then click "Confirm" to complete the upgrade process.
Congratulations! You have successfully upgraded your DroidBots and received some free Jackpot tickets from Pandora.
10. Scroll down to view all of your Upgraded DroidBots in the "Upgrade History" section.
  • Upgraded DroidBot has higher mine power, meaning more staking rewards for its owner, but is not necessarily leveled up.
  • If the mine power of the upgraded DroidBot reaches or surpasses the lowest mine power threshold of any higher level, its level will increase accordingly.
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