How to Migrate Staked NFTs from V1.0 to V2.0

Check out our tutorial on how to migrate staked NFTs from V1.0 to V2.0.
With the recent updates to our NFT Staking smart contracts, we're pleased to announce an improved version of this feature.
As of now, the NFT Staking V1.0 is no longer supported on We kindly ask all NFT stakers to visit NFT and withdraw your remaining staking rewards and unstake all your DroidBots if any.
You can restake your DroidBot NFTs in NFT Staking V2.0 to continue reaping the rewards.
Below is the detailed instruction on how to migrate your staked NFTs from V1.0 to V2.0.

Claim rewards in NFT Staking V1.0

Go to Pandora NFT Staking
A pop-up window will appear. Click "Unstake All V1" if you'd like to claim your remaining staking rewards and unstake your NFTs in V1.0 if any. Otherwise, you can remain in V2.0 by clicking "Stay at V2".
Confirm the action in your wallet by clicking "Confirm".
By approving this transaction, you've enabled the withdrawal of all the NFTs currently being staked in V1.0.
Those who’ve recently encountered a reward loss upon unstaking your NFTs from V1.0 will be entitled to receive a compensation package.
Please refer to the article below for further details on how to claim compensation.

Restake NFTs in V2.0

After you've successfully removed all your NFTs staked in V1.0, on the same NFT Staking interface, click an unoccupied staking slot to start your V2 staking process.
All the staking slots you've previously unlocked in V1.0 are fully rolled over to V2.0.
In V2.0, users are offered 4 free staking slots. Starting from 50 PSR for the 5th slot, users will have to pay a slot unlocking fee, and this fee will multiply by 1.2x every next slot.
Pick the NFT you'd like to stake then click "Select". You can filter your NFTs by level/non-staked for quicker search and selection.
Confirm the action from your wallet as well.
A pop-up window will appear, confirming the successful staking of your DroidBot.
After a while, you'll see your NFT being staked in the DroidBot Pool.
Done. Staking NFTs in V2.0 is as simple as that!
Join us on our journey towards financial independence for all.
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