DroidBot Upgrade V1.0

Upgrade your DroidBots and see how far it can take you.

How to upgrade DroidBots

To level up a DroidBot, you must have a second DroidBot of the same or lower level, which you must merge into a higher-leveled DroidBot.
1. Locate yourself on the Upgrade Level from Pandora's Exchange page. Go to "PandoVerse", then click "Upgrade Level".
2. You will see the Upgrade Level interface.
3. On the outer left, select the main DroidBot that you want to upgrade by clicking the bigger "+" button.
4. A list of ready-to-be-upgraded DroidBots will appear. You can find your wanted DroidBot using the "All Level" selection bar. Once you are ready, click "Select".
If you can't find your desired DroidBot, make sure that it's not being staked.
5. Continue selecting the material DroidBot by clicking the smaller "+" button as shown.
6. Select the second DroidBot for the merging.
7. After that hit "Approve PSR" to pay the fee in PSR tokens.
DroidBot upgrade fee depends on the level of the material DroidBot. The base fee for upgrading a DroidBot using a material DroidBot L-1 is 10 PSR 5 PSR (updated on 22 May 2022). This upgrade fee will increase by 1,5 times for every next higher level of the material DroidBot.
Double-check the Rate Result. Once you are ready, click the "Upgrade" button.
8. Don't forget to confirm this transaction. Your need will also ask for authentication.
9. Wait patiently as your DroidBot is being boosted.
10. Click "Check Result" to continue.
Remember, regardless of the upgrade results, these paid-out PSR tokens will be immediately burned to reduce the total circulating supply of the token. Learn more about PSR burning mechanism and the upgrading fees.
Click here to upgrade your Droidbots:
11. Oops, upgrade's failed and our DroidBot remains at the same level... But that's okay, you still receive some Jackpot tickets from Pandora. Let's try again.
12. There it is! Go through all the steps above and you will successfully upgrade your DroidBot to the next level.
10. On the Upgrade Level page, scroll a bit down to check all of your mergings in "Upgrade History".
As a result of the DroidBot Fusion, there is the possibility of failure. In this situation, the level of the DroidBot remains unaltered, but the additional DroidBot required for the combination procedure is lost.
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